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Expansion of Self in the Antarctic
Red Hong
Submission No. 00001, Submitter No. 00001

When the Voice Called My Name
Jon Klimo
Submission No. 00002, Submitter No. 00002

Humans, the Earth, the Sun and Stars
Submission No. 00003, Submitter No. 00003

My Experience of Cosmic Consciousness
Allan Smith
Submission No. 00004, Submitter No. 00004

The Stopped Bus: Did I Do That?
Joe Kamiya
Submission No. 00005, Submitter No. 00005

Trying to Leave My Body: Did I Really Get Out?
Arthur Ellison
Submission No. 00006, Submitter No. 00006

Untitled by Choice
Submission No. 00007, Submitter No. 00007

I'm Not Crazy, They Are Coming Around With Guns!
Charles T. Tart
Submission No. 00008, Submitter No. 00008

Premonition of Death?
Barbara Chemist
Submission No. 00009, Submitter No. 00009

Premonitory Dream of An Abused Child
Robin Billings
Submission No. 00010, Submitter No. 00010

Death and Rebirth of the Sun
Sienna Kaiser
Submission No. 00011, Submitter No. 00011

The Butterfly Effect
Alwyn Scott
Submission No. 00012, Submitter No. 00012

Turn-Around at Delphi
Robert N. Sollod
Submission No. 00013, Submitter No. 00013

The Here And Now
Henry Swift
Submission No. 00014, Submitter No. 00014

1st contact
Richard L. Amoroso
Submission No. 00015, Submitter No. 00015

The Banality of ESP
Rose Briar
Submission No. 00016, Submitter No. 00016

Behind the Mind
Ann C. DeBaldo
Submission No. 00017, Submitter No. 00017

Everywhere and Nowhere
Keith Beasley
Submission No. 00018, Submitter No. 00018

Awakening to Peace
Robert Riley
Submission No. 00019, Submitter No. 00019

Meet that Girl!
Ian Timourian
Submission No. 00020, Submitter No. 00020

A Very Impressive Experience With A "Teacher Plant"
Bruno Severi
Submission No. 00021, Submitter No. 00021

A Spiritual Journey
Henry Swift
Submission No. 00022, Submitter No. 00014

Vacuum Plenum
James H. Austin
Submission No. 00023, Submitter No. 00022

Ecstatic State
Submission No. 00024, Submitter No. 00023

Nature Spirituality
Axel Abraham Randrup
Submission No. 00025, Submitter No. 00024

Knocking at the Door of Consciousness: Beam Me Up, Scotty!
Claudia A. Robinson
Submission No. 00026, Submitter No. 00025

Beings of Light
Amin Oxidase
Submission No. 00027, Submitter No. 00026

"Merely" A Dream or Hallucination?
Brian Terry
Submission No. 00028, Submitter No. 00027

Melt Down
Robin Samelson
Submission No. 00029, Submitter No. 00028

Precognitive Dreams
Submission No. 00030, Submitter No. 00029

Shocked into a Near-Death Experience
Submission No. 00031, Submitter No. 00029

A Deliberate Healing Meditation Suddenly Gets Very Real
Submission No. 00032, Submitter No. 00029

A Dream of Danger
Submission No. 00033, Submitter No. 00031

The Mystery Phone Number
Susan Stangl
Submission No. 00034, Submitter No. 00030

The Book of Knowledge
Jorge R. Lopez-Buso
Submission No. 00035, Submitter No. 00032

The Story of My Miracle
Joanne Pizzino
Submission No. 00036, Submitter No. 00033

Jesus said, "Follow me"
Frederick Fehrer
Submission No. 00037, Submitter No. 00034

And She Came Back
Joe Waldron
Submission No. 00038, Submitter No. 00035

Self-reflecting Suns - Burning, Turning, Yearning
Submission No. 00039, Submitter No. 00036

An Unexpected Alteration of Consciousness
Richard T. Whipple
Submission No. 00040, Submitter No. 00037

Fire on the Ghost Train
Peter Main
Submission No. 00041, Submitter No. 00038

Beyond the Light
Anthony Chipoletti
Submission No. 00042, Submitter No. 00039

Departing Mom Says Goodbye Over The Ocean
Aron Gersh
Submission No. 00043, Submitter No. 00040

An Orgasm in the Brain
Submission No. 00044, Submitter No. 00041

Angel at Bat
Jerry E. Wesch
Submission No. 00045, Submitter No. 00042

Submission No. 00046, Submitter No. 00043

CoDream a Little Dream with Me!
BoB Nunley
Submission No. 00047, Submitter No. 00044

Falling Awake
David W. Orme-Johnson
Submission No. 00048, Submitter No. 00045

If You Are Out Of Your Body, Are You Out Of Your Mind?
Janion Heywood
Submission No. 00049, Submitter No. 00046

A Taste of Kensho: London, 1982
James Austin
Submission No. 00050, Submitter No. 00047

THE DARKNESS OF GOD: A Personal Report on Consciousness Transformation Through an Encounter with Death
John Wren-Lewis
Submission No. 00051, Submitter No. 00048

Getting wthat you want
Douwe Engbertus van Zwol
Submission No. 00052, Submitter No. 00049

The Tilting Table
John Baker
Submission No. 00053, Submitter No. 00050

Meeting Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather
Stephan A. Schwartz
Submission No. 00054, Submitter No. 00051

The Nature Of Androgyny
Martha diChristi
Submission No. 00055, Submitter No. 00052

Awareness Of A Train
Martha diChristi
Submission No. 00056, Submitter No. 00052

House Cleaning
Martha diChristi
Submission No. 00057, Submitter No. 00052

Coincident Dreams
Mystery Girl
Submission No. 00058, Submitter No. 00053

Fated to be Thursday
John A. Johnson
Submission No. 00059, Submitter No. 00054

Pure Simplicity
Submission No. 00060, Submitter No. 00055

Voice From The Dead
Arlie Dean
Submission No. 00061, Submitter No. 00056

The Tibetans Call It a "Bardo"
Mary Bast
Submission No. 00062, Submitter No. 00057

An Unwanted Spiritual Mien
Jacob Menta
Submission No. 00063, Submitter No. 00058

Suddenly, the Pervasiveness of Love
Christiaan Thiers
Submission No. 00064, Submitter No. 00059

Kundalini is True!
Submission No. 00065, Submitter No. 00060

An Unusual Experience of Leaving the Body
Submission No. 00066, Submitter No. 00061

Cosmic Consciousness Experience at Age 16
Submission No. 00067, Submitter No. 00062

Experiences While Death Was Very Possible
David N. Rouleau MD
Submission No. 00068, Submitter No. 00063

Searching for Eternity

Submission No. 00069, Submitter No. 00064

Riding the Dragon: An Unexpected Encounter
Submission No. 00070, Submitter No. 00065

Near Death/Out of Body
Robert E. Valett
Submission No. 00071, Submitter No. 00066

Transcendent Awareness Through Alpha EEG Feedback Training
Dr. James V. Hardt
Submission No. 00072, Submitter No. 00067

Personal Encounter With Paranormal Dreaming
Mark A. Schroll, Ph.D.
Submission No. 00073, Submitter No. 00068

Ranan B. Banerji
Submission No. 00074, Submitter No. 00069

Out-of-the-Body, Explained Away, But It Was So Real.....
Susan Blackmore
Submission No. 00075, Submitter No. 00070

The Yellow Pilot
Johan L. F. Gerding
Submission No. 00076, Submitter No. 00071

It Runs in the Family
Submission No. 00077, Submitter No. 00072

The Mystery Experiment
Liz Copela
Submission No. 00078, Submitter No. 00073

The Sphere
Peter Stoddard
Submission No. 00079, Submitter No. 00074

A Brief Encounter with Pure Love
Size Mick
Submission No. 00080, Submitter No. 00075

Ah, Sweet Death
Dennis Hill
Submission No. 00081, Submitter No. 00076

Unity, Gnosis Experience
Submission No. 00082, Submitter No. 00077

All in the Family
Debra Evans
Submission No. 00083, Submitter No. 00078

Healing on Distance
Igor Kononenko
Submission No. 00084, Submitter No. 00079

Dream Meeting of Dead Friend
Submission No. 00085, Submitter No. 00079

Can Mind Recognize Itself in a Model it's Pondering About? A Strange Experience doing Neural Network Research
Submission No. 00086, Submitter No. 00081

Effect of Nootropil (Piracetam) on Meditative Experience
Submission No. 00087, Submitter No. 00082

From an Altered State of Consciousness to a Life-long Quest for a Model of Mind
Adele De Faccio
Submission No. 00088, Submitter No. 00083

What Direction Am I Facing?
John Burgeson
Submission No. 00089, Submitter No. 00084

End of suffering near death?
Paul V
Submission No. 00090, Submitter No. 00085

Karl E. Balliet
Submission No. 00091, Submitter No. 00086

Peace That Passeth All Understanding
Graham Dawson
Submission No. 00092, Submitter No. 00087

At One with the Universe
Submission No. 00093, Submitter No. 00088

On The Hot Coals
Fire Walker
Submission No. 00094, Submitter No. 00089

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