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On The Hot Coals
Fire Walker
Submission No. 00094, Submitter No. 00089

At One with the Universe
Submission No. 00093, Submitter No. 00088

Peace That Passeth All Understanding
Graham Dawson
Submission No. 00092, Submitter No. 00087

Karl E. Balliet
Submission No. 00091, Submitter No. 00086

End of suffering near death?
Paul V
Submission No. 00090, Submitter No. 00085

What Direction Am I Facing?
John Burgeson
Submission No. 00089, Submitter No. 00084

From an Altered State of Consciousness to a Life-long Quest for a Model of Mind
Adele De Faccio
Submission No. 00088, Submitter No. 00083

Effect of Nootropil (Piracetam) on Meditative Experience
Submission No. 00087, Submitter No. 00082

Can Mind Recognize Itself in a Model it's Pondering About? A Strange Experience doing Neural Network Research
Submission No. 00086, Submitter No. 00081

Dream Meeting of Dead Friend
Submission No. 00085, Submitter No. 00079

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