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Copyright Policy and Notice

A primary purpose of the TASTE project is widespread distribution of scientists' transcendent experiences, but please note that all documents posted on the site are fully copyrighted by the Institute for the Scientific Study of Consciousness.

Automatic Permissions

Any reader may forward TASTE documents in electronic form to anyone they think might be interested in them. The only limitations are: 

(a) You must copy such documents in their entirety, without modifications, including this copyright notice. 

(b) You do not have permission to change the contents or make extracts (except for the normal excerpting provided for by copyright law in reviews). 

(c) You do not have permission to copy this document for monetary or commercial purposes, i.e. you cannot charge any fees for providing this material to other people, in any form, without prior, written permission from the copyright holder. 

(d) Scientists who have submitted an experience account or commentary which was published in TASTE have permission to use their accounts or commentaries in their own writings at no cost. If the account or commentary was published in TASTE anonymously, however, the submitter is responsible for canceling their anonymity by later publishing such accounts or commentaries in their own writings under their own names. 

The contents of this document and all TASTE documents are Copyright ã 1999 by the Institute for the Scientific Study of Consciousness. All rights reserved except as noted.

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