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Institute for the Scientific Study of Consciousness

The Archives of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences (TASTE) was created with initial support by the Institute for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ISSC). It is no longer associated with ISSC but supported by my personal efforts and the Charles T. Tart Chair of Consciousness Studies of Sofia University (formerly the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology), Generous support has also been received from the Fetzer Institute, the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Edwin Joseph.  

Most people mistakenly think science and spirituality are inherently opposed, with science having shown spirituality is all nonsense. When both endeavors are seen as human attempts to explore the nature of reality, both external and internal, subject to deepening, refinement and progress, there is no inherent conflict, and the two approaches can benefit each other. This is explored at length in my 2009 book, The End of Materialism: How Evidence of the Paranormal is Bringing Science and Spirit Together, which shows it is reasonable to be both scientific and spiritual in one’s approach to life.

If you find the TASTEproject worthwhile and know of institutions or people who might make contributions to support and expand TASTE and more generally the mutually useful interplay of science and spirituality, you may want to consider making donations to the Charles T. Tart Chair of Consciousness Studies at Sofia University (write

Charles T. Tart , Ph.D.

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